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Carrot Mania

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Classic video adaptation : you play the role of a rabbit trying to escape foxes and collect carrots in an underground maze of ladders and platforms.

To get to the next level, the rabbit must eat all of the carrots, however the foxes will follow the rabbit and try to eat him. There may be up to 4 foxes in a level.

The rabbit has a few tricks to evade the foxes. It is possible to trap the foxes by digging holes using the OK button. When a fox falls into the hole, it cannot get out and the rabbit can walk across the hole to the other side. After a few seconds, the hole fills up again and the fox reappears somewhere else on the screen. Sometimes the rabbit will need to dig holes to get to carrots that are otherwise inaccessible. But be careful to not get buried alive when the hole fills up again!

The player starts the game with 5 lives but earns an extra life every 5 levels.

Carrot Mania is a mixture of action and strategy, requiring fast reflexes and quick thinking on the part of the player.

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